Irreversible Cinema
Irreversible Cinema
Irreversible Cinema Cielo Content

CIELO Content is a boutique company which develops, creates and writes content tailored for contemporary films and TV Series. Cielo creates stories that can positively affect our planet, stories and projects that are emotionally affecting and deal with serious themes and issues, in all genres.

Today, Cielo is actively developing 10 different projects, including both films and TV Series, and working with 14 different talented writers, including Rodrigo Ordoñez, Ryan Engle, Max Zunino, Fernando Lebrija, Sandra Garcia Velten, Molo Alcocer, Carlos Algara, just to name a few.

“Most of the projects that we are currently developing, are based on books we have optioned, or contemporary news stories for which we have acquired the rights, as well as original ideas”.

We strongly believe that a good story and screenplay are a necessary foundation for quality entertainment.